General Sound
General Sound
  • Fire Alarms & Fire Safety Notification from General Sound
    Fire Alarm
    General Sound is a distributor for NOTIFIER, a leader in the fire alarm industry for over 60 years. NOTIFIER's unwavering commitment to continuously develop new solutions that improve life safety has produced the premiere line of fire alarm systems Learn more>>
  • Life Safety Notification from General Sound
    Life Safety Notification
    The broadest line of Audible/Visual Appliances in the industry featuring System Sensor Horns, Horn Strobes, Strobes, Speakers & Speaker Strobes, Chimes & Chime Strobes, Bells, and Weatherproof Appliances.
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  • Emergency Communications from General Sound
    Emergency Communications
    Informing people of an emergency and instructing them to evacuate, relocate or remain where they are, is critical to keeping them safe and out of harms way.
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  • Smoke Detection
    Smoke Detection
    When it comes to life safety, time is of the essence. General Sound offers the earliest and most accurate smoke detection available from industry leaders like Notifier System Sensor and Vesda.
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  • Security and Video Surveillance from General Sound
    Security and Video Surveillance
    Pan, tilt and zoom dome cameras give you a comprehensive view that you can't get from a fixed camera. General Sound offers PTZ camera solutions from top manufacturers, ensuring a wide range of options to suit your needs and budget.
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  • Sound Masking from General Sound
    Sound Masking
    Sound masking uses a familiar background sound to "mask" human speech and other sounds in a given area to make your work environ-
    ment more comfortable. While sound masking is mostly used to protect privacy or confidentiality, it is also used to help increase workers' concentration levels and productivity. Learn more>>
  • Sound Systems from General Sound
    Sound Systems
    General Sound offers only the highest quality commercial audio components for all sizes of public address, pro sound and intercom systems. Regardless of your specific application, General Sound will design a system that will feature audio clarity and ease of use.
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